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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Dear Ladies

Despite the efforts of sprinter Katrina (record holder) Bradford, the Cream Coloured Ponies weren’t up to the distance and were out of puff at the end of the first week of the Winter League. The red woollen mittens have also become unravelled and they will require a little darning to get them ready for the frosty days ahead. Dancer Brenda wiped the snowflakes off her nose and eyelashes and was the best of the girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes - it must have been the excitement of “Strictly” returning to our screens on Saturday. The Brown Paper Packages seemed to become a bit tangled up in their string and apart from Cathy Jinks, the Bright Copper Kettles haven’t yet come to the boil. However, autumn is the best time for cooking apples so it is very appropriate that the Crisp Apple Strudles are in the lead at the end of Week One with Lurgan’s answer to Mary Berry, Anne Knox, being this week’s star baker.

In light of the above, I took my not so bright copper kettle to Peter (don’t hold back) Hanna for some polishing. It was the third golf lesson that I have had in my twenty two year career- I like to keep on top of my game and reckon that one per decade is pretty consistent. Peter didn’t hold back and mentioned that he didn’t like my set up too much. In fact I was aiming in totally the wrong direction. My grip is completely wrong but as anything else just felt really weird, it’s best left well alone at the moment. My back swing is going to need a lot of work over the winter and I really need to practice every day of my life for as long as I live. My follow through is missing-mainly because I have lost my balance and concentration by that stage. Apart from that I actually think that he really was secretly quite impressed because he didn’t suggest that I swap golf for fishing just yet!

Our putting competition in aid of Cancer Focus was on Tuesday. It’s really an excuse to come up to the club for coffee or lunch and there will be prizes- some of my favourite things of course! If it is a success, Eileen and I will repeat it now and again. Just pop up between 12.30 and 1.30 and sink a few putts.

I bumped into Bronagh McKavanagh last week striding out in the park. She’s in great form and we look forward to seeing her out and about soon. Good Luck to my fellow Bright Copper Kettle Marion Nicholson who is heading off to Warrenpoint on Thursday to play in a Pro Am with Peter- she won the Professional’s Prize back in June.

Stay safe everyone. I expect that like me you’re all frightened to turn on the News at the moment- I could be back to scouring the verges very soon!

Happy golfing

Lady Captain Julie Von Trapp

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