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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Dear Ladies,

As rain stopped play last week, I decided to face a world of men and gatecrash Poor Henry’s four ball on Thursday. I wanted to make sure that I completed my card before the weekend. I enjoyed playing with the boys- it was like being back at school again! I was a bit timid and scared and shy at the start as Mr Captain was part of the group and I wanted to show him how much I had improved since he last saw me play. Needless to say, I played like a flibbertigibbet and my front nine, when it mattered, was awful. However, on the back nine, when it didn’t matter, Mr Captain very kindly tried to help me with my wonky spout and to a backdrop of tuneful ice cream vans and fireworks, I scored seventeen points.

The Bright Copper Kettles could have done with those seventeen points last week. After a decent start, and despite the efforts of Past Captain Pat and Whirling Dervish, Marion Nicholson, they are nowhere near reaching the boil. Margaret Tate and Gwen McCracken are obviously enjoying wearing their white dresses with blue satin sashes and each week dance along the fairways scoring consistently well. However, already quite a tussle is emerging at the top of the league between the Crisp Apple Strudles and the Brown Paper Packages. Crispiest strudels so far are Anne Knox and Susan McMorrow, but there are several more good layers baking along nicely. Equally all the Pam’s, and others, are battling on to ensure that there are enough layers of Brown Paper to help their team along the way. Eleanor Hamilton made sure that the package was tied very tightly last week! Despite that, there is still along long way to run and plenty of mountains to climb before anyone can start yodelling.

Hopefully there will be drop of golden sun today for the second round of our putting league in aid of Cancer Focus. Don’t forget the winner each week will receive a brown paper package tied up with string. Claire White was delighted with hers last week! As I mentioned before, Lady President Eileen and I will host this on alternate Tuesdays until the end of the Winter League. I suspect we will need to wear our red woollen mittens from now on.

We travelled to the Cotswolds last weekend for a socially distanced weekend to see two of our daughters, their men folk and Worzel, Tori’s puppy. We spent a couple of days walking the bridle paths around Badminton and Tetbury. There were polo ponies and beautiful horses everywhere. The cream coloured ponies would have loved it! Even Poor Henry who has an aversion of all things equine, and is still haunted by memories of his precious fields being trampled to death by a plethora of fat money eating ponies was impressed. Worzel who got a sausage for breakfast every morning had a great time and the 10pm curfew in the bar didn’t do us any harm either!

Poor Henry is going for a lesson today. Poor Peter- he’ll be on the drink by lunchtime!

Happy Golfing

Lady Captain Julie

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