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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Dear Ladies,

As expected we have been locked up or down again! Some people have suggested that I should be locked up- at least that would give me a chance to perfect my word processing skills and discover where all my apostrophes go! Restrictions seem to be interpreted differently by people judging by the businesses which are still open – as usual I am totally confused by it all but at least I managed to have my hair done last week and didn’t have to resort to Aghagallon’s version of Sweeney Todd again.

Thank you so much to all of you who donated money to our Cancer Focus Putting Competition. It all started as an opportunity to encourage ladies to come up to the club for lunch and a bit of craic. However everyone, ladies and gents, have been so generous and Lady President Eileen and I are delighted to reveal that our little Tuesday morning efforts have raised £455! We are so pleased and Cancer Focus is absolutely thrilled with the amount which will all go towards supporting cancer services in Northern Ireland.

Our competition last week was, once again, a wash out! Eileen and I were the only brave or mad souls who turned up! As usual Eileen beat me and her prize of Edelweiss seeds couldn’t have gone to a more green fingered home! The winner of the league was our very first competitor on Week 1- Claire White! Poor Claire has won yet another brown paper package tied up with string- She’s really going to love this one!!! She already has a SOM DVD and a needle pulling thread sewing kit! Runner up was Fiona Rowan with Bernadette Laverty in third place. Their packages will be left in the ladies’ Locker Room when we are eventually allowed back in!

Poor Henry and I have always been advocates of NI produce and this year, even more so. So many companies have come up with imaginative ways to sell their wares. Mourne Fish Box delivers really good quality fresh fish directly to your door- you can almost smell the sea! Moo to You deliver to this area each Thursday and Mash Direct also have a door step service. If you like salami, I can recommend Corndale from Limavady, although Poor Henry thought it was a bit too spicy for him! Burren Balsamics in Richill sell lovely goodies that would make lovely Christmas presents for foodies- they deliver too- very quickly! If you are missing your Portuguese Nata’s, we can recommend L’artisan but you will have to travel the whole way to Bluestone in Craigavon for those!

So life has gone back to the same old rituals! Walking the roads is the highlight of the day and once again we are disgusted by the litter thrown in the verges. Fast food rubbish and tin cans are the worst but the number of masks and gloves discarded is growing daily. However, poor Henry and I were delighted to see that the bead patterned spoon near Sheena’s is still there- it has moved a bit, probably propelled by the rain and muck and the odd courting couple who frequent that spot! (Not us!) We haven’t been up past Pa McSherry’s house yet but I’m sure that the place is looking lovely now that Niamh is home!!

The TV seems to be going on earlier each evening. We enjoyed the Christmas Toy edition of the Late Late show on RTE on Friday- the little boy with brittle bones will be delighted that NASA want to contact him about his dreams. Escape to the Chateau is a favourite and Angel has inspired me to create something wonderful for the Ladies’ Locker Room in time for the rescheduled Christmas Scramble on December 15th. Aghagallon’s version of Dick is already on the job!

Our rescheduled Prize Giving plans have to be rescheduled once again. Hopefully next week I will be able to let you know what we are doing- maybe, possibly, perhaps! Thank goodness those vaccines are coming along like buses! Hopefully next year we can plan with more certainty!

Happy walking, watching TV, eating etc! There’s not much else to do!

Lady Captain Julie

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