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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Dear Ladies

Apparently it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas- the most wonderful time of the year! The craic was certainly mighty last Tuesday when the ladies donned their festive gear for the Christmas scramble. The winners were Anne McFadden, Helen Stewart and the on form, Margaret Tate. Well done to all those ladies- I’m sure that they will enjoy their Christmas candles. In the bleak mid winter, the new open drain certainly claimed some scalps- I suspect by summer we will be begging for it to be filled in. I also noticed that our little marquee has gone. We had some good times in there during this weird year- we could have decked the frame with boughs of holly, now that the holly and ivy are both full grown.

Boris looked as if he was going to cry on Saturday when he dropped his Christmas bombshell. We did. We had wanted to do Christmas things, just like we used to do. Not only is no one driving home for Christmas but there won’t be any ships sailing by on Christmas Day in the morning, nor any Easy jets from Bristol and Gatwick bringing our daughters and their men folk home. Instead we’re off to the food bank delivering some joy to someone else’s world. Even as I write, there is no certainty of anyone’s Christmas plans- our NI Executive continue to bicker like children and I’m sure many of you have had to change your arrangements. For many it will feel like a blue Christmas without the whole family especially after the year we have all endured. With a curfew due there will be silent nights, and not just as much rocking around the Christmas tree but hopefully mummy will still be able to kiss Santa Claus and nobody will receive a hippopotamus in their stocking.

The twelve days in the run up to the Big Day are so exciting for children. I remember singing I believe in Father Christmas and wishing it could be Christmas every day. Luckily on Christmas Eve they will not be away in a manger but tucked up cosy in bed waiting for Rudolph the red nosed reindeer to ensure that Santa Claus is definitely coming to town, jingling bells and shouting Yo Ho Ho when it starts to snow. Let’s hope he doesn’t get stuck in anybody’s chimney and that all the holly dollies and little drummer boys are happy when then waken at dawn on Christmas morning.

I am mindful that this Christmas is going to be a very difficult time for those who have lost loved ones during the year. I’m thinking especially of Pat Carville who recently lost her brother as well as her sister in May. As with the first lockdown in March the offer of help still stands-both physically and psychologically. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Apparently love came down at Christmas. We all need a hug sometimes but this year we will have to make do with virtual hugs, talking through windows and more zooming. Poor Henry and I hope that you get all you want for Christmas and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Happy Christmas- don’t burn the turkey!

Lady Captain Julie

PS The Sound of Music is on BBC1 on Sunday 27th at 15.45! Enjoy

PPS Your Christmas Day challenge is to discover how many Christmas songs were used in the making of this nonsense. Answer next week!

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