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Lady Captain's catch up - Week 1


Tuesday morning is golf day. Therefore each Tuesday, I am going to send you an email just to keep in touch. I have been chatting with many of you, and we are all anxious, but some have particular concerns. Those with family in the Health Service feel particularly fearful, but also very proud-as are those involved with keeping us fed and safe. Others are looking after society mentally, spiritually and on the ground. Many ladies have elderly parents, some of whom are in nursing homes, and although well cared for, it is a fretful time all round. Members with business connections tell of how family members have had to adapt to working from home, often dealing with home schooling and toddlers at the same time, while others adapt their organisations to try to keep the economy afloat.

Gardens seem to be bringing delight to loads of us! If we are not able to play golf, perhaps we should have a Golfers’ Gardens Competition! I’m hearing of harvests of salad greens, beetroot, spinach and leeks, while others have green houses and window sills cleared in readiness for vegetable seed orders arriving in the post. I spotted some rhubarb emerging at the weekend, but my sweet pea looks as if it will be just perfect for Lady Captain’s Day in July!!

Those with gardens can also keep up with their golfing skills- chipping into a bucket or an upturned umbrella. Unless you live in Downton Abbey, perhaps you should leave the driver in the bag! No garden? Then what about practicing your putting into a mug on the bedroom carpet? While walking the other day, I noticed a house with a driving net in the garage, a pitching net in the garden and I suspect the living room has been cleared for putting mats of various lengths, surfaces and gradients. I’m not mentioning any names, but you don’t hold course records without serious practice! I myself have no intention of doing any of these things- I’m too busy tending the sweet pea!

Walking has been lovely –especially as the weather has been so good. Henry and I are very lucky to live in the countryside, but sometimes the roads are so narrow, it is difficult to pass other pedestrians at a safe distance. To ensure social distancing, a bit of traffic control is required, by ducking into lanes, gateways and gaps in the hedges. Everyone has time for a chat, a smile and most finish off by saying” stay safe”. The farmers are out in force; fertilizing, spreading manure and cattle are starting to appear back in the fields after spending the winter indoors- Watching their first frolics outdoors has always been one of my favourite things!

It’s funny what you see when you have the time to look around you! Spring is definitely on its way- green shoots are appearing in every bush and hedgerow. Without the traffic, the birds seem so noisy and happy. Also –what a lot of rubbish is chucked out of car windows! Most are food and drink wrappers, but a perfect pair of red glasses (thought they might suit me), Burst tyres (in Menorca they would be made into shoes) and many half drunk bottles of Buckfast! I have made a mental note of where all these things are, in case things get very desperate! Discarded tissues and sterile gloves get a wide berth at the moment, but after this crisis, I will carry a bag with me anytime I’m out for a walk, and start picking some of this stuff up.

Anyway, must dash – have an appointment with box of Clairol root touch up stuff- should I be put off by the word PERMANENT?!!!!! I want to look my best while we watch the telly- what I wouldn’t give for a good old fashioned news bulletin all about Brexit from start to finish!!

Some of our ladies and their families have been ill, although no one is actually sure if it is CV. Many are self isolating- Don’t forget about our offer of help to anyone- contact details below.

And PLEASE, everyone, abide by the rules- it will protect the vulnerable- and ultimately our Health Service. We don’t know who, or when we may need them!

Best Wishes

Lady Captain Julie

02838 322292

07752 369951

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