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West End Musicals are the order of the day for the Ladies’ section of Lurgan Golf Club this autumn. Five teams named after different productions have been battling for top billing since early October with Mama Mia’s cast singing “gimme gimme gimme” as they take the lead on the approach to the half way interval. Consistently good scoring from Susan (Money Money Money) McMorrow and super troupers, Tara Walsh and Roslyn Millar, has meant that their team has been in either first or second position each week.

However, Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray would be very happy with her team’s performance so far, with several useful golfers hitting the autumnal fairways. The ever competitive Pam Morrow has had a couple of good scores, as have Helen Stewart and Grizel Turkington. Rumour has it that Miss Trunchbull is having a chokey chant as the team from Matilda are a couple of points behind at this stage. Nonetheless I’m sure that Miss Honey Knox will be throwing the book at her team members and encouraging them to be more like Matilda Wormwood and overcome any obstacles in their paths. As we all know- the winner takes it all!

Irene Cara’s leg warmers would be unravelling if she saw how the team from Fame are getting on- they are in a right old hot lunch jam. However late starter, Gina Lewis- remember her name- has this week carded one of the top scores so far -21 points!!! Hopefully the rest of the cast will be inspired by her performance and take a chance on climbing the leader board!

The ladies from Annie must have been resting their laurels on Easy Street but they can’t wait until tomorrow to play catch up. Miss Hannigan will be taking to the drink again and unless a Daddy Warbucks appears to help them out, I’m afraid that they will need to borrow an SOS from Mama Mia.

Knowing me knowing you, all the scores could change in the weeks to come but all the ladies are enjoying the winter league and, as always, are never fully dressed without a smile!

Happy golfing

Lady Putt

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