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Stars Shine in Lurgan - A Must read for everyone

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Prize Night in July- my doesn't time fly,

Was different to most, as Lurgan is on a high.

We're the envy of many on golf courses worldwide,

In the form of great wee golfers and an 'ol fella on the side.

Our young ladies continue their careers in the States,

With Niamh and Maeve and more still who wait.

Apparently practice and trips to the gym,

Are a "must " for those with competitions to win.

According to Maeve, decide on your plan,

And practice every other day if you possibly can.

Niamh nodded wisely at these words of advice-

She has noticed that ladies don't find the putting green nice!

And as for Annabel- soon off to LA,

A super star of the future many really do say!

The Irish Closed Champion's career's on the up-

If only her granny would give back the cup!

So we've Niamh's and Cara's and Aoife's galore,

And Orla's and Grace and probably many more

To fly Lurgan's flag with honour and pride,

While all of the Ladies cheer you on from the side.

"Well who's the 'ol fella" I do hear you say?

Sure it's Peter of course, Captain of the PGA.

Another great honour for our wee golf club-

Someone else we can boast about, down at the pub.

He's having a ball- mixing with the great and the good

With glittering soirees and lots of good food.

Trips to Atlanta and flying with teams,

But he's grateful and humble, to me, that's how it seems.

However, our Anne, with a twinkle in her eye

Helped him confess- he likes heels that are high!

A few "what ifs" and a play on "Hann_a"

And a slip up about his wife and Monsieur Gin-o-la!

But seriously, at Lurgan the Ladies are terribly proud,

Of all of our stars, and we say very loud-

Good luck and safe travels while you follow your dreams

While we look forward to the next batch of teens!

Happy Golfing!

Lady Putt

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