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A Huge ‘Pat’ on the back for our Lady Captain!

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

WOW! What can we say to Lady Captain Pat Carville for hosting such a fabulous day yesterday at her Lady Captain’s Day? She must have organised a few sports days back in her teaching career because the event was a tremendous success, from when the first golfers assembled to play, until the bell rang for last orders early on Sunday morning! Years of lesson planning meant that her attention to detail was incredible and a magnificent atmosphere prevailed all day. The Head Mistress’s office must have been buzzing for weeks, planning room displays, playtime and food that bore no resemblance whatsoever to school dinners!

Pat’s mantra to create a club for lady members was to the fore and there was wonderful feeling of inclusivity as the young and the not so young joined together for the fun! She thanked all her “Prefects” who had helped her in the run up to Saturday- Head Girls being Muriel, Anne and Fiona – who at one stage thought that she was in the Rugby Club (detention for Fiona after golf on Tuesday!).

Obviously days of watching the clock at the back of the class, (waiting for the wee blighters to go home), has infiltrated Pat’s mind. Her choice of exquisite watches as some of her prizes, encouraged the ladies to keep their heads down, slow down their swings and take time over their putts. It worked for some! Others “could do better“ (glad I kept my old school reports) and will have to go back to class and do a bit of revision. Scottish Lass, Gwen McCracken is the new Victrix Ludorum (thanks Anne for the Latin lesson) scoring a breath-taking 41 points- a worthy and delightful winner. It was marvellous to see the “new to golf” ladies joining us for their first Lady Captain’s Day. Mind you, judging by their antics on the dance floor, they look like trouble! Christine Freeman is the new teacher’s pet but she cannot rest on her laurels as there are several very keen golfers nipping at her heels. Meanwhile, our teens continue their route to the podium, with Baby Ward (sorry Eimear!) being the latest star in the ascendency.

THANK YOU PAT! We have all enjoyed a magnificent day. All your hard work and thoughtfulness are appreciated by the ladies at Lurgan Golf Club. You can go to the top of the class- a definite A*!

Happy Golfing

Lady Putt

PS Thanks to Google for coming up with lots of big words meaning “incredible”!

PPS Rumour has it that next year’s Lady Captain is in seclusion, thinking of her favourite things and is contemplating running away to the abbey!

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