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Tuesday night TV was forgotten about as many ladies turned up for Lady Captain Pat's first Prize Night of the season. Sporting a vibrant yellow top underneath her green blazer, Pat Carville's brunette curls bounced as she took to the stage to announce her plans for 2019. Starting punctually, she spoke eloquently and articulately, with clear diction and poised, confident delivery . With polished manner, she thanked everyone- the committee, the men, the bar staff, the pro shop, the office staff, the caterers and the green keepers for their help so far. She remembered everybody- the young golfers, the new golfers, last year's new golfers, good golfers, bad golfers, team captains and sponsors. She guaranteed packed houses for functions , enticing the ladies with snippets of what to expect at the various events, enlightening them with the promise of wine tastings, gourmet dinners, dancing and wonderful golf competitions. Pity the poor sod who has to follow in her footsteps next year!

For many ladies the first Prize Night is the highlight of the year. The Bring and Win competition guarantees that everyone wins a prize and for many it will be their only foray onto the stage this season! The table groaned under the weight of candles, flowers, chocolate, golf balls, bottles of the devils buttermilk and a chipping net, won by an anonymous golfer who badly needs it!!!. Top scorer this time was Alison King followed in hot pursuit by Tara Walsh, Kate Wilson, consistent prize winner Ann Knox and Lady President Claire White. Sadly there wasn't a Two's competition this week. Otherwise we would have been subjected to the excited squeals of delight from Ladies' Secretary, Fiona Rowan who had her first birdie at a par three.

The evening finished with Oly Forrester bravely trying to educate ladies with some of the (many) new golf rules! Low handicappers nodded wisely and discussed knowledgably the pros and cons of the decrees from the R & A. With all the chat about boundaries and penalties, Lady Putt thought that she had stumbled into Brexit negotiations. She left the club in an even more confused state than usual hoping to prise the TV remote from Lord Putt's hands and catch up with the girls in Derry!

Happy Golfing

Lady Putt

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