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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Dear Ladies

This week I scored 42 points on the golf course! I felt like a mixture of Cara Murphy and Gina Lewis, both whom are going through purple patches at the moment. However unlike them, it took me two rounds to score what they can achieve in one! At least today’s round was slightly better than yesterday’s so hopefully I am on the rise! Yesterday’s outing was in the Seniors’ competition. I brought my ID just in case but funnily enough it wasn’t asked for. I played with poor Henry and Brian Bradford and all three of us were atrocious (thank you spell-check) - even Billy O’ Kane’s Galgorm cattle would have been horrified by our performances! Peter (don’t hold back Hanna) says that if I’m this bad at the moment, I definitely need a lesson, so watch this space! I want to be on top form for the winter league which starts this week and I hope that I don’t let my team down! Match and Handicap Secretary Ann Knox, has organised special competition for any of Zoe’s 2020 batch of Get into Golf Ladies. You can play on any day, the week starts on the Saturday and ends the following Friday. Some have already signed up and there is still time for late entries - keep an eye on the notice board in the Ladies’ Locker Room for details.

The Indian summer has finally arrived and I must say that Neil and his team have the course in fantastic condition. I think that our squirrels have the best kept home in Northern Ireland. Hoards of them have been busy over the past few weeks gradually squirreling away all the conkers, seeds and acorns but I suspect that they are missing the variety of goodies that they find in the waste bins throughout the course. Whatever they are eating, it’s keeping them fertile and lusty! A winning combination for any species!

Congratulations to golden couple, Grizel and Billy Turkington who recently celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary. However, they have been beaten, on a better back ten, by Irene and Ronnie McCusker who sparkled with sixty years of marriage. At the other extreme, Roisin Shanks has taken to motherhood like a duck to water and baby Esmee is feeding well and hopefully not giving too many sleepless nights. Poor Henry and I baby sat last week end for Erin who is almost three and Tara who was born in January. Erin spent most of the weekend playing in her den and running around the garden while Tara just sat and smiled unless we didn’t feed her at exactly the right moment. Her table manners are awful - eating vegetable soup and mince and potatoes with her hands. The dogs love to hover around the high chair when she’s in residence and even being eyeballed by an Irish wolfhound doesn’t put Tara off her grub. Katie and Adam came home from Donaghadee refreshed and singing the praises of OneShoreStreet. Poor Henry and I were asleep before the ten o’clock news on Sunday night!

Happy Golfing

Lady Captain Julie

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