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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Dear Ladies,

Here we go again! COVID 19 continues to rampage through our lives turning our plans and hopes into a very unwelcome game of snakes and ladders. The latest restrictions will make our weekly outings to the fairways all the more precious. It is very important that we remember to follow the rules to keep our fellow golf club members safe and protect our sport’s reputation. Second time around, it is going to be more difficult to keep positive so we will all have to help each other and make sure that we turn those frowns upside down! Please let me know if you hear of anyone who could do with a phone call or garden visit- the winter clothes are near at hand!

I didn’t play golf last week- it’s a bit of a case of “family first “at the moment. However it was lovely to get out today and battle for Anne Knox’s prize. Although it probably didn’t look great from inside, the weather was actually lovely and fresh. Most of the ladies, at the time of writing, have got round dry which is a bit of a bonus this year. I played with Marion Nicholson and Sheena McStay- the later who is as good as a tonic. The conversation ranged from anecdotes from the past, to gardening (sorry Marion!) to the Number 52 Bleary bus! Marion is looking forward to playing with Club Pro Peter in Warrenpoint in October. She won this honour during the summer and is busy perfecting her skills in readiness for the big day and promises to remember not to walk on other peoples’ lines when putting. (You’ll not forget it now Marion!!)

Henry and I have been on babysitting duty recently. My knees are creaking from crawling around the floor and I’m getting used to not being able to get anything done. The only housework involves vacuuming the dog hairs off the floors and wiping down highchairs. Tara and Erin are (I think) coming for the weekend as Katie and Adam are going away for a couple of nights (I think). Again we are unsure what is allowed or not. Adam thinks that he is going somewhere really glamorous, but they are heading to a new hotel in Donaghadee. At least I know where they are if we need them!

Next week is the last eighteen hole competition before the nine hole winter league begins. Make sure that you put your names down on the sheet in the locker room. The prizes will be given out at our Christmas party night in December! I think.

Happy golfing

Lady Captain Julie

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