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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Dear Ladies,

I didn’t realise how many of our Ladies’ Branch members are Sound of Music fans! We had over sixty golfers out last Tuesday which was fantastic and the scores were higher than average. At one stage I thought that I was in danger of winning one of my own prizes, and while I tussled with the dilemma of whether to accept or not, I managed to duff the next few holes! Chorister Pat Carville was a worthy winner of the coveted mug and we should expect a rendition of Doe a Dear when the choir resurges from lockdown. Anne Knox is so delighted with her harmonica that she has actually been taking lessons on YouTube - Bus trips on our Away Days are going to be even noisier than before - the driver will need ear plugs! I’m sure that Pippa, Ros, Niamh and Tara were delighted that the weather last weekend was very conducive to an afternoon of watching their new DVD’s - I wonder what Niamh’s patients would think if she starts yodelling in the hospital?! Max Detweiller was right - pink lemonade really is too pink and I don’t mind if it’s poured down the plug holes. Eileen could pour it on her dahlias - I’m sure that the pink ones would love it!

Resuming normal service at the Golf Club is picking up pace with all committees trying to get the show back on the road whilst dealing with the new restraints. Plans are under way for the Juveniles to return to the club. There are over 100 junior golfers in Lurgan which bodes well for our future. Zoe has seven new lady golfers starting up on June 30th and we really hope that they will want to join us too. The prizes, and the sweet pea, are all ready for the Stableford Competition on Lady Captain’s Day on Saturday 25th July - other plans will be last minute, which doesn’t suit a control freak like me!!!! Our August Open is going ahead on Monday August 17th. The format will be a Team Waltz which is good craic and I would love to see our new members out that day. Hopefully we may be able to have some type of celebration that evening.

Henry has deserted me! The only time I see him is when I spot him somewhere on the golf course. He even believes that he is getting better and was really chuffed to be runner up in his section last Saturday. His long term strategic plan is to play off single figures by 2021(!!!). He always was an optimist! I think he’s up to something - he brought me breakfast last Saturday morning when I was in bed listening to David Maxwell. There must be a boys’ trip in the offing!

The lovely weather seems to have deserted us recently - I hope it comes back soon. The “run” was lovely and I was beginning to think that maybe I was a golfer after all! It looks as if the rain gear will be needed today - we will just have to think of our favourite things and then it won’t be so bad!

Happy golfing

Lady Captain Julie

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