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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Dear Ladies

Tuesday sees the first Ladies’ competition since Lockdown and I’m sure that your competitive genes are salivating at the thought of winning the coveted Salzburg Cup. Early birds will have realised by now that the Salzburg Cup is actually not what they had visualised but actually a beautiful Sound of Music mug with matching coaster currently on display in the Ladies’ Locker Room! It also comes with a DVD of the film and a packet of edelweiss shaped pasta that was very lucky to have survived the food frenzy in March. At one stage I did consider selling it on Ebay! The runner up today will also win a bag of similar pasta and a harmonica that Baroness Schraeder could have done with on her first visit to the Von Trapp schloss. Anne Knox is very keen to win this prize although she did hope that return tickets to Austria might be up for grabs! The three section winners will all receive a DVD of the Sound of Music (Don’t worry I have lots of them!) while the runners up will be able to quench their thirst with a bottle of pink lemonade. Prize winners will be notified and should not be alarmed to find a brown paper package tied up with string sitting on their doorstep over the coming days!!!

Life is beginning to get busy as we grapple with “the new normal” and I have had to start using my diary again. Socially distant outdoor rendezvous are great as the weather is so good, and we even travelled as far as Bangor to sit in Henry’s sister’s garden on Sunday. It was lovely to see the sea again. Zoom meetings have to be rearranged and our daughters in England are starting to talk tentatively about hoping to come home in August. They can’t wait to see their nieces again - Erin who is a delight and just wants to play with water all the time, now has her own wet suit for the paddling pool. Although tempting as it may be, Tara hasn’t yet been introduced to such delights but is starting to settle and we‘re not just as frightened of her as we were!!

Henry isn’t available for so many walks at the moment as he has returned to the fairways with a vengeance. However I went out along the country lanes (not designed with social distancing in mind) with Frances McCorry on Saturday. My, but can she walk quickly?! We were home in no time and I hadn’t any opportunity to scour the verges for anything interesting or nosey in people’s gardens!

This Saturday should have been Eugene Maguire’s Captain’s Day. I’m sure that he is very disappointed but in light of the current situation it would be impossible. Hopefully Lady Captain’s Day will go ahead in some form on Saturday 25 July. Announcements from the NI Executive this week will hopefully bring some clarity but please remember that three qualifying cards will be required to compete for the prizes. Rest assured that there will only be one brown paper package tied up with string on that occasion!

Enjoy your golf on Tuesday - I look forward to contacting the winners!!! I hope that they will be equally glad to hear from me!

Best Wishes

Lady Captain Julie

PS a huge thank you to Katrina for helping to turn today’s top prize into a thing of beauty. My creative skills had deserted me!!!!

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