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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Dear Ladies,

There’s a bit of déjà vu going on! We’re back to walking the roads and I must say that there isn’t as much rubbish in the verges compared to April/May. I haven’t yet headed down past Sheena’s to look for the bead patterned spoon but the saucepan on the M1 bridge on the Old Kilmore Road has gone! Just like springtime, my green house is once again full of salad leaves and sweet pea seedlings with high hopes for next season. We found a hedgehog in the conservatory a few weeks ago but both he and Monty Don have gone off to hibernate elsewhere. Once again Dial a Dog Wash Joe has Mickey looking clipped and beautiful (if a bit chilly) while I once again, am freefalling towards an appointment at Salon Pauvre Henri.

As Poor Henry didn’t get a tee time on Saturday we headed off on our bikes down towards Lough Neagh. It was a beautiful morning and there were loads of fellow cyclists on the road. Although we don’t have the proper lycra cycling gear (thank goodness) and none of them had a nice wicker basket for their shopping, I think that we blended in quite well. Mind you, I don’t fancy that bent over pose that they all adopt- how on earth can you see into people’s gardens when your chin is almost on the tarmac? I think some of them were lapping the Lough but we made do with a trip to Galwey’s Gate and back- maybe next time we’ll make it to Lower Ballinderry.

Our granddaughter Erin came to stay on Saturday after her weekly swim. I think that she must have swallowed half the water in the swimming pool and we didn’t like to venture too far from her potty. In fact we took the potty down the paddock where she spent a couple of hours building a snake out of old branches – who needs a load of plastic toys from China? After four Yorkshire puddings for tea, a bit of dancing to Little Mix and a bubble bath up to her chin, she eventually passed out, leaving Poor Henry and I exhausted and the bathroom needing redecorated.

You’ll notice that this is a golf free report so far! For good reason- my dull copper kettle is punctured and beyond repair. Not even an afternoon on the settee with the Sound of Music and thinking of my favourite things can get me out of this rut and I’ll be heading back to Poor Peter soon. I’m giving him good warning so he can fake illness or book a holiday.

Lady President Eileen and I will be hosting our putting competition today Tuesday 10th at 12.30. Let’s hope for a dry day and a good turnout. Anne Knox is coming to Grandpa’s Den on Wednesday to discuss plans for our awards ceremonies in December. Grandpas’ Den is a tastefully decorated (by Erin) outdoor space suitable for a socially distanced chat, with members of one other family. A roof, rugs and fire pit complete the experience but it’s proving to be a popular spot with socially deprived friends. I hope to have Hon Sec Fiona out soon to sort out the AGM and elections- we don’t want a repeat of last week’s US horror show!

Happy Golfing

Lady Captain Julie

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