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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Dear Ladies,

Des O’Connor has died- How sad. We all remember the first record we bought. Mine was One, Two, Three O’Leary beautifully sung by recently departed Des. I think I should maybe delete that- another reason to be thankful that Ita will be Lady Captain next year and not me! My dubious taste in music may not be everyone’s favourite thing!

The Cream Coloured Ponies might as well put their rugs on and go out to grass for the winter. I don’t even think that Joseph O’Brien would be able to get them first past the post. Despite the consistently good efforts by chief stable ladette Katrina Detorri Bradford, the rest of the ponies are still trotting along without a care in the world. Pat Carville and Marion Nicholson’s Copper Kettles have been shining brightly since the beginning of the Winter League and Sheena has recently discovered her brasso, so if the rest of the team could fix their spouts and handles perhaps they could still outshine the rest of the teams. There has been a bit of a tangle going on between the Blue Satin Sashes and Red woollen Mittens over the last couple of weeks and a couple of bows have become slightly unravelled but I think that there are several girls in white dresses who might be able to force the mittens to drop a couple of stitches over the next two weeks. With Stir Up Sunday rapidly approaching, the Crisp Apple Strudels will have to keep an eye on their temperatures and spices or they could find themselves wrapped in layers of brown paper and tied up tightly with string. These two teams are neck and neck and anything could happen over the next two soggy weeks. May the best or the Brightest (!) team win!

Lady President Eileen and I were inundated with putters last Tuesday for Week Three of the Putting League. It was especially good to see ladies who turned up just for the putting and stayed for a coffee from Poor Peter’s shop. The competition was very tough and our winner with 33 putts was club stalwart May Baxter. Week One’s winner Claire White was runner up on a better back nine from Pam Graham and Grizel Turkington! There will be a brown paper package tied up with string waiting for all of them in the Locker room. Next Tuesday, 24th November will be our final week and we hope to have representative from Cancer Focus coming to collect the donations bucket. Please make a special effort to come along from 12.30. I will stay for as long as necessary for anyone who would like to have go. Remember the prizes are worth yodelling for!!

There were many similarities between Lurgan Golf Course and Augusta i.e. loads of fairways and bunkers. However I couldn’t help noticing the lack of mud and leaves on the course- And nobody shouting “bout ya” from the park.

Poor Rory almost made it. Maybe next time?

Happy Golfing

Lady Captain Julie

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