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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Dear Ladies

Congratulations to Christine Freeman who won the Greer Cup last Thursday. I had the pleasure of playing with Christine on the previous Tuesday who, despite the temporary greens, hit some lovely shots and is a demon around the putting green. I expect that her handicap will tumble! My golf continues in a downward spiral but a perhaps a couple of rounds on a wet, dry, hot, cold, windy, stormy Dunfanaghy wasn’t the best time to judge my golfing prowess! The empty harbour should have been a warning of weather conditions to come! I shouldn’t refer to Mrs Stevenson as “Fair Weather Joy” any longer, as she battled her way round the eighteen holes and her makeup was just as perfect by the finish as it had been when we started.

In contrast, I was invited to play in an Open at Royal Belfast yesterday in glorious sunshine. My golf was slightly better but they have over 150 bunkers on the course and I think that I was in about 20 of them! However, it was a beautiful day - Belfast Lough looked lovely and we actually got sunburnt.

The committee met in the marquee last week and unfortunately we have decided to cancel the silverware night and hopefully present the trophies at the Christmas Party in December. COVID19 continues its rampage and as some of our members live in the restricted areas, I suspect that we may not be seeing them for a week or two. We must all continue to be careful and I would like to remind ladies that social distancing in the Ladies’ Locker Room, and everywhere else, must be adhered to.

It was lovely to see Niamh McSherry on Facebook this morning with her golfing bubble. They all looked fit and well and enjoying the lovely sunny weather. Lady member Bronagh McKavanagh continues her recovery despite a recent set back, and good wishes to Diana McClelland who is in hospital at the moment.

On a very happy note, I am delighted to let you know that Roisin Shanks, one of 2019 new members, had a baby girl last Thursday. Nessa Aideen arrived at 12.30pm weighing a healthy 8lbs 2ozs. According to Winnie McKeagh, Mum and baby are doing well and Nessa is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to the new family!

Happy Golfing

Lady Captain Julie

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