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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Dear Ladies,

The computer last Tuesday was giving out points all over the place! It reminded me of Rishi Sunak dishing out money during this Coronavirus crisis. I waited for Anne Knox to confirm my 18 points before submitting my score as it was far better than I deserved! I notice that Anne and Brenda have removed the scores from the notice board and we have no idea which teams fared better than others last week. I’m hoping that all the Bright Copper Kettles reached the boil and parred and birdied every hole and have climbed the mountain to the top of the League. However, I suspect that all the other ponies, packages, mittens, sashes and strudels also scored well so we will just have to wait until the results are announced in December.

The drainage work on the first and ninth fairways is impressive. However, I hear that the drains are to be left open and maybe even extend to the eighteenth! I expect that we will all need to wear our wellies or buy a ball scoop when playing next season. I used to like Neil the head green keeper!

Lady President Eileen and I will hold our final putting competition. Hopefully we might have a little drop of golden sun around lunchtime; especially as a representative from Cancer Focus is coming to collect the money bucket. Thank you to all those ladies who took part.

Poor Henry and I went up to Donegal on Saturday to empty the freezer and cupboards in our holiday house and turn some heating on. It was quite a depressing experience. We were stopped twice by the Guards who allowed us to continue our journey as we were coming home again that evening. Dunfanaghy golf course looked very strange- we rarely see it without any golfers. Hopefully we will get back up again soon- if only to clean the windows and spray the weeds.

Just as my golf has started to improve, it is likely that COVID19 restrictions will include the closure of all golf courses from Friday. On Sunday the course looked like a”where’s Wally?” scenario- everyone was trying for a last hurrah before we are locked down again. It will be back to walking the roads, not the Broadwater (too busy), cycling and watching lots of TV. Is anyone watching Hugh Grant in “The Undoing?” . It’s hard to believe that he played Brigitta Von Trapp in his school production of The Sound of Music!

Congratulations to Joy Stevenson- she has just become a granny again.

Happy Golfing (until Friday!)

Lady Captain Julie

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