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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Dear Ladies,

I would hate to be a swan! On Sunday Poor Henry and I decided that walking on the local mask strewn road was much too dangerous in such dense fog, so we decided to head to Lurgan Park. It looked like a Dickensian scene with people emerging from the mist in their hundreds. The place was packed and we really had to pick our route. We bumped (not literally) into a few fellow golfers and we all agreed that the golf course would have been a much safer place to be!! The swans thought that dunking their heads and necks in the freezing water was preferable to crowd watching. Two days later, the memory is still making me shiver!

Today should have been our Christmas Scramble and Party Night! We (Fiona and I!) had such fabulous plans! After a welcome gathering of mulled wine and mince pies, we would have all assembled for a shotgun start over nine holes. The course would have been brightened by Christmas jumpers and hopefully a few people in fancy dress. The scene should have resembled a Christmas Sound of Music Sing a Long. Immediately after playing we would have headed up stairs for a wee winter warmer and then settled down to watch a movie on the big screen - Karaoke version of course! Hopefully by then the Working Girls would have finished their nine to fives, and would have joined us for Colleen’s version of Schnitzel and Noodles washed down with Pink lemonade and gin to which Stephen would have added some secret ingredients. I was so looking forward to today! I bet some of you –less so!!!!!!!

The latest recommendations for golf opening up on Friday have well and truly knocked any plans for prize giving celebrations well on the head! We are heading back to arriving 15 minutes before your tee time, play and depart! There are to be no organised social gatherings of any sort! Our committee are zooming tonight- sparkly tops, jeans and slippers will be the dress code! Brenda Gallery is so excited that she had a trial run last night! I delivered a little package to each of their houses yesterday and I must say that Pam Graham has the tidiest garden while Ros Millar and Jacky Jones have the loveliest Christmas wreaths on their doors.

Congratulations to Annabel. She has been selected for the Great Britain and Ireland Vagliano and Curtis Cup squad. All her practising has paid off and I’m so glad that the round she played with Poor Henry and I didn’t completely ruin her game! In fact Poor Henry has had the audacity to think that she maybe learnt something from us! I think he must be coming down with something!

Aghalee has hit the headlines this week! Apparently crowds have been flocking to a house that has so many Christmas lights on it that you could almost see it from space! The police have had to disperse the hoards of people because of the Coronavirus restrictions. The premature baby charity will be another casualty from Covid 19.

The news recently has been gloomy. I am very sorry to hear that Topshop is closing. With three daughters, I have many memories of hours spent sitting on a fake leather cube in the Belfast store waiting while clothes were discarded in heaps. The mood (usually mine) would become more despondent and desperate before something (usually hideous in my eyes) was selected. It was years later that I discovered that the London store provided a free personal shopping service. It was bliss. Some other poor soul would traipse around the store looking for something that would meet with everyone’s approval, while I sat on a comfy settee reading a magazine and drinking coffee. Even Poor Henry joined us on one occasion! I think that over the years Poor Henry has probably paid for the engine in Philip Greene’s yacht!

Looking forward to hitting the fairways from Friday! Let’s hope for dry weather and no fog!

In the meantime, Happy Decorating!

Lady Captain Julie

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