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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Dear Ladies,

I hope that you all enjoyed your Christmas festivities, in whatever form they took. This year our turkey was cooked beautifully but the ham was slightly crunchy and the mini Christmas pudding bought in the post office on Christmas Eve was really disappointing! We didn’t manage Charades or Brown Cow games this time- our cast members were slightly depleted, but the racing polar bears from Lakeland crackers were a big hit, even if the table now needs repolishing! We’ve already started gathering up the unopened presents, and other Christmas goodies in preparation for a rerun of Christmas 2020 when our family circus is able to be together.

Erin was fascinated by the snow on Sunday, but by the time we had everyone kitted out against the cold it was starting to melt. Nonetheless we managed to make three snowmen which are now in the deep freeze complete with carrot noses and grapes for eyes. We had a game of tennis using the excess brussel sprouts to warm up- after all nobody likes them and I’m sure the squirrels and other wildlife might be glad of them. We came inside in good time to get everyone in place for the Sound of Music. It was fascinating to see how both Erin aged three and Tara, eleven months both looked up from their toys when the singing came on. The goats were a particular hit as was the bit when all the children fell out of the boat, into the lake. I must say I was very proud of them and I’m delighted that the next generation is shaping up well!

Walking in the rain is not just as much fun as during the first lockdown. We’ve been very thankful to have our golf trousers but already there are signs of spring- The snowdrops are well on their way and we even spotted daffodil buds and pussy willows down at the tow path this morning. It’s been a rotten year for everyone and this week we remember Bronagh McKavangh’s family circle, who have lost both parents in 2020.

2021 will be better, of that I am sure and New Year is always a time of hope, although I expect we will have to dig a bit deeper this year to find it. In the words of Captain Tom Moore- Tomorrow is a Good Day.

Happy New Year

Lady Captain Julie

PS There were references to 28 songs in last week’s nonsense! Katrina- I told you that you weren’t even close!

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