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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Dear Ladies

Some of you are in for a really long winter! Unless of course you are fans of the Sound of Music, in which case you will look forward to my weekly telegrams which will bloom and grow between now and the end of November reporting on our antics on the golf course as we climb every fairway and ford every sheugh and bunker. I am so delighted that Brenda and Ann have chosen my favourite film as the theme for our Winter League and apologise in advance for my obsession with Julie Andrews and her tribe of children. The names of the teams are all from the song “My Favourite Things” and I look forward to following each team’s progress for the next eight weeks. Even at this early stage, the cream coloured ponies have, under starter’s orders, galloped ahead while the bright coppered kettles look as if it’s going to take some polishing before they reach the boil!

The Ladies’ committee met on Monday night, sadly back to using zoom technology. The Match and Handicap Committee will be in touch soon regarding the new World Handicap system that will be introduced in November. Apparently it’s quite straight forward and many will be surprised to know that Lurgan is rated as relatively difficult compared to other local courses! We’re starting to look at alternative ways to celebrate the successes of our ladies in 2020 if Covid 19 continues to decimate our plans. We’re still hoping to have our silverware presentation and Christmas festivities - we have great ideas - on Tuesday December 8th, but obviously everything may change several times before then!

Usually Poor Henry and I enjoy visiting other courses throughout the season - especially as we are now retired. Poor Henry goes for the golf and I go for the shop and food! Last Thursday we set the Sat Nav and headed to Silverwood. It was a beautiful morning and we had a really good time. Due to the lack of either retail opportunities or food, I had to concentrate on my golf which was slightly better than normal. There weren’t any Ladies’ tee boxes, fewer bunkers but just as many squirrels as at Lurgan! We had a busy week, heading to Westport from Friday to Sunday. As I managed to forget my suitcase, I was able to make up for the lack of retail therapy on Thursday. Poor Henry thinks that I did it on purpose!! As if!!!

Next Tuesday, October 13th, Lady President Eileen and I will organise an 18 hole putting competition between 12.30 and 1.30. It will be very casual. Just pop up to the putting green, give a donation to Cancer Focus and sink a few putts. There is no need to pre enter and is open to all - whether you are taking part in the Winter League or not. It’s really an excuse to come up to the club for coffee or lunch and say hello. It would be great to see some of our ladies who haven’t been feeling great lately.

Good luck to everyone in the Winter League - especially to my fellow Bright Copper Kettles. I know that Maeve Cummins is a SOM fan and Niamh McSherry has her DVD with her, so your golfing prowess will be followed from afar. I hope that you will enjoy the fun but I suspect by that, like Leisel in the summer house, by the end of November many of you will jump up and go whenever you hear my name!

Happy Golfing

Lady Captain Julie Von Trapp

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