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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Dear Ladies,

Well done to all those ladies who played in the Centenary Rose Bowl last Tuesday. I have never seen such a lot of soggy golfers coming up the 18th and congratulations to my neighbour, Sheena McStay, who clinched the Silverware this week. It’s a pity that Sheena isn’t allowed to bring it home as she has some lovely roses in her garden! Apologies to those who prefer Stableford competitions but, due to Covid 19, we have had to totally rearrange our fixture list to fit in our Silverware competitions. Many of these, at the request of the person donating the trophy, are stroke competitions which during a normal season are well spaced out. Don’t forget that in stroke competitions we play “maximum score” golf. This means that you do not have to stay out for the rest of your natural life, but can pick up the ball once you have played five shots above the par at that hole eg Par 3 pick up after 8 shots.

I am looking forward to my Lady Captain’s Day next Saturday. You will receive your times by email, and I will be at the first tee waiting to start you off. There will be light refreshments at the ninth hole, including the devil’s buttermilk, so if you can organise lifts please do! I was hoping that the NI Executive would increase the numbers permissible at the prize giving at 6.30pm but unfortunately we are still restricted to thirty people. I have had a horrible morning phoning some of the committee members who I cannot accommodate but whom I would love to be there. I hope that you have all had an opportunity to see the prizes for Saturday- if anyone is having problems, please let me know. As you can see, my prizes don’t lend themselves to outdoor display- I would be hoovering broken glass from the putting green for weeks!

The thirty people will consist of nineteen prize winners who will be contacted by Match and Handicap as soon as the competition is finished. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO ENTER YOUR SCORE AS SOON AS YOU GO HOME!!!! The socially distanced Prize Giving will be at 6.30 - hopefully on the putting green -don’t forget to leave your “taxi to table” shoes at home! If wet, we will be around the marquee with umbrellas! It will last about 40 minutes. Please wear whatever is weather appropriate and comfortable – lederhosen or dresses made out of curtains are acceptable!! The Men’s Competition winners will be contacted by phone after the Wednesday competition and their prizes will be left in the Pro Shop on Friday. They will be beautifully wrapped by Ros, but one member, who will remain nameless, has asked for a bow to be attached to his, should he win!!!!

I hope that you received the email notifying the increased times for our Tuesday competitions. This is to facilitate those ladies who work. Please note that booking opens at 7.30am two weeks prior to each competition. Thanks to Match and Handicap for making these adjustments.

Henry and I were very chuffed that Annabelle Wilson put her name down to play with us on Sunday. Had she not heard of our reputation?! It was a master class of birdies and pars and we noticed other golfers pausing to observe. I think that they watched some of Annabelle’s shots too!!

It must be holiday time! A crate of beer arrived last week, Claire and two surfboards are coming tomorrow and Jack is cycling from Bristol next week (English eejit!!). It will be great to see them- even from a distance!

We were all shocked to hear that Grizel was taken ill last week. Always an early bird, some of you might not have met her. She is a great club member, past Captain and President - at the time of writing she is still in hospital. We hope and pray that she gets well soon.

Happy Golfing

Lady Captain Julie.

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