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Lady Captain Julie's Update

Dear Ladies

Golf seems to have become very popular lately! Zoe has now three separate groups of potential new recruits- twenty four in total. I am meeting the third group tonight and judging by the previous groups they all seem really keen. I’m sure that we can all remember our first foray onto the fairways - full of confidence and expectation of glory- all totally misguided!! Katrina, Joy and I started out at the par three at Silverwood and were pleased to come in with a score under 70. When we joined Lurgan GC, we were in dire need of some expert guidance and were very thankful for the patience of Grizel Turkington, May Baxter and Ray Gregg amongst others, who took us under their wings. In hindsight I think that they were probably embarrassed to admit that they knew us and they felt obliged to sort us out before we were advised to take up swimming or ping pong. I used to look forward to the early morning gallop with Grizel and Sheena - They taught me that slow play was a big “No No”, while May brought out the competitive side of Katrina and Ray showed Joy that “straight down the middle” was the best plan of attack! I am aware that those ladies who joined in the last couple of years have not really had a great chance to integrate fully into Ladies Branch. Our prize nights were a great opportunity to meet and arrange to play with others - and therefore learn some of the many do’s and don’ts of golf. Therefore I would like experienced members to remember how important a friendly face was, and offer to play with our more recent members. Fiona and I hope to formalise this in the near future for our newer ladies, and hopefully have a plan in place for any new recruits from Zoe’s tribe! Henry says that the long term farming forecast for Lady Captain’s Day is good - so it looks like Plan A! I have permission that we can have our prize giving on the putting green - but remember - let’s leave the stilettos at home and leave aerating the grass to the green keepers! It is so unfortunate that we can only accommodate 30 people, nineteen of which will be prize winners. My prizes do not lend themselves to outdoor display, so with that in mind, Henry and I have choreographed a short video to let you see what you can win! At the start of next week, it will be on the website (thanks Grainne), Facebook (thanks Jacky), Instagram ( if I can work out how) and YouTube (if I can ask someone else to do it!!!). Ivy Bell’s funeral was very different, but sincere and heartfelt - Elaine and Garfield appreciated Ladies’ Branch support. We have two new grannies in our midst - Margaret O’Neill has a Daisy and Colette Howie has a Ruairi. Being a granny is great - two year old Erin has been in residence with us over the weekend while tough love is introduced to her little sister. Early mornings, Peppa Pig, potties, lots of washing and not getting anything done - I loved it. Henry just watched 100 best tries – again!!!!

At the moment, along with commas and full stops, there are eight apostrophes, fifteen exclamation marks, eleven hyphens, and four sets of brackets in this message - the teachers amongst you can get the red pens out!!

Please don’t forget that Bunker 43 is open for business all day on Tuesdays. Please support them. Happy golfing Lady Captain Julie

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