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Lady Captain's Catch Up Week 2


I am gradually working through all our members in Ladies’ Branch, and am amazed at how well you are all coping with this horrible situation. I am also humbled when I hear how much some of you are doing to help others. Juvenile Captain, Grace McSherry, is staying in touch with the younger girls. Those ladies who last week were feeling poorly are now thankfully on the mend.

Everyone is keeping busy- Diana McClelland claims to have the cleanest cooker hood- inside and out- for miles around, while Kate Kelly’s kick boards in her kitchen have to be seen to be believed! My knockers are shining! I hadn’t paid any attention to them for weeks but a bit of Brasso has done the trick and the doors are looking lovely- even if nobody will be coming to visit!

Joe Wicks, the Green Goddess and Mr Motivator are keeping us supple, while on line Yoga seems to be very popular. Others are running and cycling to keep fit (not me!). We seem to have some great bakers amongst us- perhaps we could have a Great Golf Club Bake off before the summer is out. I can recommend Sarah Rainey- Three Ingredient Baking (Available on Amazon) – easy recipes using stuff that you probably have in your cupboard anyway, especially as we shouldn’t be out and about.

Gardens appear to be manicured to perfection, while people watch (several times!) daily for any signs that their seeds may be about to germinate! My salad leaves, only sown last week, are already peeping through but it will be a while before they make it to the dinner plate! We are all very appreciative of the space and realise how lucky we really are.

The committee held our April meeting last night via Zoom. I can’t say that it was a roaring success, but hopefully any technical issues will be sorted out in time for our May meeting. However, it was great to see those who were able to join in. We flew through the agenda pretty quickly- ladies were more worried about what their hair would look like after this is over! ( BTW -the Clairol root stuff worked a treat- mostly!!) There is a lovely article about Annabel Wilson on the BBC sport website- she is now home safely and looking towards the Curtis Cup in 2021.

Social media is keeping everyone in touch with friends and family, and most people have been able to grapple with the technology! House parties, FaceTime and quizzes seem to be keeping us entertained, and What’s App, while very funny, can drive you mad!! Don’t let on, but I’ve had to “mute” the ladies’ committee!!!! One What’s App photo that has upset me terribly, was of Julie Andrews, in that iconic pose at the beginning of the Sound of Music, being arrested by two burly police men because she didn’t stay at home!

Henry and I continue to discover all sorts of things while out walking. Spoons seem to be surplus to requirements for some- There is a nice desert spoon- bead pattern- not far from Sheena McStay’s and a teaspoon on the main road, although it looks slightly flattened. Last week’s red glasses have been stood on- perhaps by the same person who stood on the spoon- what a vandal! Yesterday’s outing revealed a saucepan on the bridge over the motorway, while the piles of discarded disposable gloves grow daily- those people should be ashamed of themselves!

I had a lump in my throat a few times during the week- once when Matt Baker left The One Show, secondly when Adam, our Dr son-in –Law was measured for his medical mask, and again, when a very very kind Brenda Gallery contacted me to offer to sort my hair out when this is all over!

Some people have had big birthdays this week- Muriel and Liz Denver are the same vintage, while Geralyn Haughey has become a granny again. Don’t forget about the offer to help-it will remain as long as is necessary.

Like many of you, Henry and I have been quite shocked to hear that the Prime Minister is in Intensive Care. It just shows how defenceless we all are. Please take care, follow the rules- it will protect the vulnerable and ultimately the Health Service. We don’t know when we will need them.

In February I bought you all a Cadbury’s Cream Egg- unfortunately the seal was recently broken so the chances are, that they will all be gone quite soon! Sorry!

Happy Easter

Lady Captain Julie

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