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Pro Shop Sweep (30th December)

Tony McCallion found the podium at the start of December when he came 3rd in The Pro Shop Sweep, but he ended the month, and the year, at the top of the pile when he lifted Sunday’s Pro Shop Sweep with 43pts off 17.

The runners-up spot went to Aidan Thornbury with 43pts off 13, another player to have  found the podium in this event a couple of weeks ago.  He began with 10 straight pars, and although he birdied the long 15th, five bogeys over the last 8 holes, and an NR at 17, contributed to him missing out on the top prize over the back 9. Tiago Souto took third place with 42pts off 12 after an almost faultless round of 12 pars and 6 bogeys.

Paul Mooney, 13, and Brian McCabrey, 18, took 4th and 5th places respectively with 41pts.  Each of these two players actually returned 42pts but were docked 1pt due to previous successes in the event.

Gary Totton, 21, and Martin Corey, 10, took 6th and 7th places. The day’s gross prize went yet again to Ronan McCrory with 39 gross pts after a round of 67, his fourth sub-par round in a week.  His 4 rounds over Christmas have yielded no fewer than 15 birdies, and he has rattled off 5 birdies in a round of golf for the second time in 5 days.  He must be really looking forward to 2019.

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