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Quare craic at the President's Ball!

Diamond patterned jumpers and plus fours were discarded last Saturday evening as golfers “put on the Ritz” for the glittering Presidents’ Ball at Lurgan Golf Club. Ladies sparkled in an array of chiffon and sequins while they teetered around the dance floor in heels that were “cutting the feet off them”, thinking they were on “Strictly!” As for the men- all James Bond lookalikes- the black ties and dinner suits had their wives remembering why they fell for them in the first place.

Mr President Paddy, led us to believe that all the credit for organising the evening should go to Lady President Claire and Muriel in the Oval Office, but I think he did have something to do with the grand strategy. The room was beautifully decorated by Roslyn, and as usual, Colleen and Mickey fed us until we were fit to burst, with chickens, fish and masses of spuds! Steven and Aaron ensured that Sunday morning hangovers were “de rigueur” with the devil’s buttermilk flowing until the shutters closed.

All credit to Claire on her choice of band. They played loads of oldies such as The Eagles, T Rex, Roxy Music and of course Rod Stewart. Despite several requests from Lurgan’s answer to “The Donald” (and others), they pretended never to have heard of Horse it into you Cynthia and Do your ears hang Low. Luckily the music was loud enough for the smokers and all the residents of the Kilmore Road to hear, and with a back drop of local fireworks, a good time was had by all. The only disaster on the evening was that Colleen was losing her voice, which obviously had Mickey very perturbed but he manfully was putting a very brave face on things!

Revellers were delighted when Vice Captain Eugene Maguire, announced that his position in 2021 will transfer to the broad shoulders of “Yer Man”- otherwise known as Garfield Bell. Everyone was delighted!

Many thanks to Claire (and Paddy!) for organising a great wee night!

Happy Golfing

Lady Putt

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