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2019 has been a really good year

And now, Lady Captain Pat can move down a gear.

She has led from the front- both on the course and in the Bar

But she’s about to lose the space for her car!

She has rallied the troops for functions and fairs,

And to be late for a meeting- well nobody dares.

Bad punctuality and wagon wheels are personal hates

But she has kept us busy with plenty of dates.

Following the teams was never a chore,

Even when the rain continued to pour.

She has represented our club with honour and grace

Who on earth would want to take up her place?!!!!

She has been generous with food and copious gin,

And fizz and wine- none went in the bin.

Her Captain’s Day was a hell of a bash

And everyone gave it a really good lash!

So Thank You Pat, for all you have done

To make our wee club feel really as one.

We’ve had fun and good craic every step of the way

And we raise our glasses to you as you call it a day!!

Lady Putt

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