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Wednesday Sweep

As summer made a somewhat belated arrival, over 100 golfers took to the fairways for the Wednesday Sweep and the last chance to get their game in order before Captain’s Day. There are certainly some players bang in form at the moment and a few ‘notables’ played their way to the top of the leader board.

First place went to young Nathan McCann who covered the course in just 66 shots for 40pts off scratch. He had birdies at 4, 5, 9, 10, 12 and 15, his only concessions to par coming with bogeys at 7 and 13. Nathan is making quite a name for himself on the College golfing circuit in America at the moment and is very much on top of his game. We will certainly be hearing a lot more of him in the summer months.

Alex Denver is very rarely off form, and he returned his fourth round below handicap in his last five outings when he scored 38pts, off 4, to take the runners-up prize. A double bogey at 5 and bogey at 6 left him with just one handicap shot to play with, but this never say die golfer ran off birdies at 7, 10, 12 and 18 to force his way into the prizes.

Third place went to another very in-form player, Warren McCleary with 37pts off 12. Warren has followed two Buffer Zone rounds with a pair of below handicap rounds, so he will definitely be one to look out for at the weekend. His 20 homeward pts gave him the edge over two other players on 37pts, Kieran McCorry, 18, and Brian Doley, 9, who took 4th and 5th places respectively.

Shane Magee has played 11 qualifying competitions this season. Of those 11, he has been in the buffer zone 3 times and played below his handicap 5 times, so there is no-one more in form than him. He took yet another gross prize with 34 gross pts helped by birdies at 4, 5, 10 and 17.

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